2016 Time for some big improvements!

You know what? You guys have been so patient and so supportive over the past few years that we thought it only right, we gave you a nice, shiny new website.

We’ve been working really hard in the background over the last few weeks to put together a site that’s both entertaining and pleasing to the eye, so we really hope you like it! Now you can keep up with all of Kyles latest exploits as well as renew subscriptions to Team #77, buy exclusive merchandise and of course keep up with the latest news as it unfolds.

We are going to share beautiful racing images of the 2016 World Supersport season and you’ll also be able to visit all of Kyles social media channels right from the website.

Big Changes for 2016

2016 represents a huge jump up in class for Kyle not only in his racing but also how he presents himself and how he connects with you guys through different media so with that in mind you are going to be seeing a lot more varied content from us in the future, like videos, interviews, exclusive merchandise offers and maybe even the odd competition.

So remember, keep supporting Team #77 so that we can keep giving you the most entertaining and engaging web experience possible.


As with everything these days… Websites come at quite a cost so we would be extremely grateful to you all if you could take the time to renew your 2016 subscriptions, you’ll get all of the goodies outlined in the Team #77 package and you’ll have your name up in lights for all to see on the new website and if you have a small business we’ll post a link to your website too.

Thanks once again guys. We really couldn’t do any of this without your help and support, let’s keep pushing the boundaries in 2016and see if we can bring back even more Silverware back to Jacksdale.


TEAM #77