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Aragon beckons for Kyle and Team Ranieri Med

Aragon beckons for Kyle and Team Ranieri Med - Kyle and the team stop off in Aragon, Spain for the third race of the world supersport championship 2016

Is it really 3 weeks since Thailand? It would seem so! Time flies in Motorsport but now we move on to more familiar European territory, away from the stifling heat and humidity of Thailand and into the spring time weather of Aragon in Spain.

Motorland Aragon

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Aragon circuit or Motorland Aragon as it’s also known, we’ve put together a little preview of the circuit and the conditions we expect to find on the ground for this weekends racing.

Motorland Aragon 300Located in the north east of Spain, half way between Valencia and Barcelona, Motorland Aragon occupies an enviable geographic position, with comfortable winters and baking summer temperatures that are only surpassed by the warmth and generosity of the local people.  The world Supersport championship visits Aragon for the 6th time in 2016, with Aragon also hosting many other notable racing events throughout the year.

This relatively new circuit was designed by former touring car racer and world renowned circuit designer Hermann Tilke who also designed the Chang International circuit we visited in the last round in Thailand. With 17 corners and a length of 3.3 miles it’s a fast but technical circuit with long sweeping bends, hairpins and lengthy straights, it’s a fast and exciting track with plenty of opportunity for overtaking.

Testing Conditions

Now, I know what you’re thinking…. We don’t need a weather report, it’s Spain! But conditions on the Eastern coast of Spain can be very changeable at this time of the year and certainly not as warm as you would expect down on the southern Costas.

A feature of Fridays practice will certainly be the wind, a South easterly wind is forecast to blow across the track at 20 mph all through the day, so it’s going to make for some interesting riding. Besides wind, the temperatures are going to be down as low as a chilly 3 degrees Celsius through the night , climbing into the high teens at their peak so hardly what you would call holiday weather!

Saturday should see similar conditions to Friday albeit with temperatures nudging a little higher but the real news is what looks like a 40% chance of Rain for Sunday, although this is forecast for after 1pm so Kyles race should be done and dusted by the time that blows in from the East coast.

Weather Aragon

Looking Forward

After cruelly missing out on points finishes in both of the last rounds, Kyle is more determined than ever to take the bull by the horns (Spanish pun intended) this weekend and try to get in amongst the points in Aragon.

Testing starts on Friday with the first session rolling out at 10:30am UK time and the second session getting underway shortly after at 13:45. Both sessions run for 1 hour so there’s plenty of time to get the bike set up and make adjustments before going into Saturdays third practice and Superpole qualifying. Sunday’s race is scheduled for 10:20am UK time.

Aragon Start times

You can catch the action on Eurosport 2 in the UK, overseas viewers should check their local listings for variations. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s no coverage for Friday qualifying, but Saturday and Sunday’s races should both be live, programmes are shown at the times shown below.

Eurosport 2 Aragon

If you can’t wait until Saturday, here’s a little video of an aerial view of Motorland Aragon.

Enjoy and have a great weekend