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Cadwell Park Race Report

Cadwell’s Party in the Park 2018

Round eight of the British Superbike series has travelled to the Lincolnshire race circuit of Cadwell  Park.  A real mecca for bike & race fans alike, Cadwell Park tends to hosts the biggest round of the MCE British Superbike Championship, with thousands of spectators travelling to the circuit every year. Cadwell is probably most famous for its ‘Mountain’ section, where the bikes get airbourne and create a spectacle for the lucky spectators in the close Mountain Grandstand.  The circuit has a striking mix of twists, cambers and gradients that have led to the circuit’s popularity over the years and is a very demanding circuit for the best of riders.

    So with Kyle carrying some quite severe injuries to his right knee from the last round at Thruxton, were he was taken out by Aussie rider Ben Currie in the final laps of the Sundays feature race, it was touch & go as to whether Kyle would be ‘fit enough’ to race this weekend.   But after resting the damaged knee since his outing into the barrier at the fast Hampshire circuit, Kyle was very keen & eager to get back on his machine for this ‘Party in the Park’.  So much that he travelled to the circuit on Thursday for a very stringent medical to prove his fitness, in order to join the ‘Party’.  So after some serious consultations with the BSB Medical team, it was agreed to let Kyle out with some good strapping’s covering his wounds.

(Free Practise sessions & Qualifying)

With dry & Bright conditions, Friday’s free practise was going to prove a good testing ground for Kyle’s injuries prior to the weekend’s races. The first free practise saw Kyle down in a comfortable 17th place with a 1.33.638 lap as his best. However; after the second session in the afternoon he had got his lap time down to a 1.31.531 and had moved him up the Leader-board to a much more improved 11th position.

By Saturday mornings Qualifying session Kyle had shown he was getting stronger and again set an improved lap of 1.30.692 but this only managed to move him up one position on the grid to tenth place, thus placing him on the fourth row for the afternoons Sprint race.

(Saturdays Sprint Race)

The Saturday afternoon Sprint race got off to a poor start, as one of the back markers stalled his machine on the grid prior to the lights going out, so another warm-up lap was given, thus reducing the race now; down to eleven laps.

With his right Knee strapped up; Kyle new only too well this race was going to be a tough one! But he took his place on the fourth row of the grid to go out there and give it his all, something that he always does race on race.  As the lights went out the pack raced up the hill towards Coppice and then on to Charlie’s bend and down the long Park Straight, Kyle was placed in a safe & comfortable 9th place. As the laps ticked away he lost a couple of positions and was down in 13th place at one point, however; Kyle isn’t one to give up easily and by lap 5 he was fighting for 10th with Armstrong and Wilford was in front of him. As the leading pack of Kennedy, Curry Jones & Owens were getting away, Kyle was in the next bunch of riders, fighting with veteran James Westmoreland, Perrin and of course Wilford, whilst Armstrong was trying hard to get his position back off Kyle.

  This five man train what Kyle was trapped in, stayed together for much of the remaining laps, however; Owens who was in the leading pack earlier in the race and had made a mistake somewhere during his time at the front; had dropped right back, but during the closing laps he was making ground on Kyle. Kyle managed to stave off this challenge from Owens and came through the chequered flag to take a well deserved 9th place in the race, so with this race position Kyle was to be the first Moto2 bike again in the race and went on to receive probably his most hard earned trophy to date!

Kyle on the podium left next to Ben Currie, with Kennedy in the middle & Jones on the right after the Saturday Sprint race.

(Sundays Warm-Up & Feature Race)

With a fresher race day on the Sunday, Kyle’s 10 minute warm up session got underway a few minutes later than scheduled and on lap one he was in 3rd place on the timings but by the second lap and as Kyle went through Hall bends and into the Hairpin & Barn corner section, Kyle parted company with his machine, ending his Warm-up session rather quickly.  The track marshals got Kyle whisked off to the Medical centre for a thorough assessment yet again.

After a three hour session of ice packs on his swollen right knee, Kyle was again allowed to line-up on the grid, he was as you’d expect experiencing some pain, but once the adrenalin kicks in Kyle will be oblivious to the pain coming from his yet again battered knee.

  The lights on the Start straight went out and yet again the pack raced up towards Coppice, Kyle was in the second wave of riders and this was where he was too remain for most of the race. Battling with the riders that he so did in the Sprint race of yesterday, the likes of Perrin, Westmoreland, Wilford, Neave and Bjorn Estment.

 Kyle by lap 6 of this 16 lap race was up into 8th place with Perrin in his sights in 7th; again veteran racer James ‘Westy’ Westmoreland had his sights set on Kyle followed by Wilford & Neave close behind.  Both Wilford and Neave’s managed to overcome Kyle and pushed him back into 11th place, but Kyle wasn’t going to give up to easy and by lap 13 of this 16 lap race was back into 10th, the battles continued for a couple more laps and Kyle came home back in 11th position behind Wilford & Neaves, whilst Estment & Armstrong followed Kyle through the chequered flag to take 12th & 13th respectively.

Ben Currie won the race from Kennedy and Owens taking 3rd on the first of the Moto2 bikes, Kyle being the 2nd   Moto2 home in 11th.

After some serious rest now for Kyle, he is looking forward to being out racing for the next round of the Championship at Silverstone in just under two weeks time, on the weekend of 7th to the 9th September.

Write up by John Holmes on behalf of Kyle Ryde Racing #77