As the brand new WSBK season fast approaches, we thought it best to give you guys a little update on what’s been going on.

We’ve been really busy organising events, selling tickets, teaming up with new sponsors and getting everything together for the first race at Phillip Island in just over a weeks time! It’s been super busy but we’ve made it this far and were determined to do everything we can to give Kyle the best opportunity to perform in 2017

Firstly, Kyle Ryde Racing are delighted to announce that we have secured a sponsorship deal with Beechfield Acoustics. This deal will see the Beechfield Acoustics logo occupy the bottom visor spot on Kyles helmet and also see their brand represented on the new Kawasaki for the whole of the 2017 campaign.

We are delighted to have secured this deal and while it helps Kyle with the costs of competing we also think it represents a great opportunity for Beechfield as they look to further spread awareness of their company at home and abroad.

Beechfield Acoustics have over 25 years experience in the field of industrial noise control and provide a range of products and services to eliminate excess noise in the workplace. Beechfield Acoustics design, build and install their bespoke silencers, acoustic enclosures and noise barriers to a wide and diverse range of clients.

All of Beechfield Acoustics products are designed and built right here in the UK. Beechfield are proud to manufacture their units in Yorkshire and would be delighted to hear from UK companies who are looking for the following products and services

Visit the website or email for more details

We would like to also say a big thank you to another great Yorkshire company – LANGVER who have continued their support of Kyle in 2017 by moving up to the top visor position on Kyles new 2017 Shark Helmet.

Thanks once again to both Beechfield Acoustics and Langver for stepping up and helping Kyle in 2017. We can’t impress how important you guys are to helping secure the budget for this years racing. Your support has been incredible.

2017 The season starts here

For most of you, the racing wont start for over a week but Kyle and Sean are boarding a plane for Australia tomorrow morning! The 20+ hour flight will no doubt give the guys time to reflect on Kyles first race, last season. Boarding the plane to ride in WSS for the first time in Australia last year must of been quite an experience for Kyle.

Phillip Island is Kyles favourite circuit so, we’re hoping for a good solid performance for his first race on the new Kawasaki. You can catch all of the action on Eurosport but you’ll have to stay up late if you’re going to catch the action because of the time difference. All of Kyles sessions get started between midnight and 3am UK time but we’ll do our best to keep the social media accounts updated as soon as anything happens.