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Kyle left searching for new team after shock withdrawal

Now that the dust has settled and we have had the time to digest the sad news that Team Ranieri Med – SC Racing have withdrawn from World Supersport Championship, thoughts must now turn to the future.

BrandsPodium150One of UK’s brightest young talents is left without a seat for the remainder of the 2016 season – It goes without saying that Kyle would like to continue riding in the World Supersport Championship, he feels this is where he belongs and this is the ideal opportunity for him to progress his racing career but there are significant challenges ahead.

The first being that Kyle currently has no team or bike!

Tentative enquiries

As reported in yesterdays media, Kyle and the close team of people around him, are speaking to various parties about securing a new team for the remainder of the 2016 season. There are options available in World Supersport and in BSB but simply agreeing a deal, isn’t all that’s required.

The season is already well underway and any decision to continue in World Supersport would have to be made as soon as possible because the series is fully subscribed and there are other teams waiting to step in. We simply can’t hang around because it’s not fair on the other teams and the organisers wont allow it.



Possibly the most pressing problem right now is financing. Everyone is working diligently behind the scenes to try and secure another team for Kyle but the situation we are faced with means that kyle and his family are left with a huge funding gap, one they cannot possibly fill themselves.

At this stage, we are actively seeking new major sponsorship for Kyle Ryde and would like to invite expressions of interest from serious individuals and companies who are looking to enhance their profile significantly, by stepping in to rescue the season for one of the UK’s highest profile Motorcycle racers.

We are particularly interested in agreeing a deal with a major sponsor who is able to either solely or jointly take on the duties of financing a project of this scale.

We urge the racing community and anyone else who might be in a position to help bridge this significant funding gap to please contact Sean Ryde or Janine Ryde on 07528 623319 or 07811 145579 or via email 77ryde@gmail.com

Unfortunately, the figure needed to return to World Supersport is significant as a new bike will have to be built and a technical staff assembled, but the reality is, we are faced with a very significant shortfall.

Kyle financing

Kyle Ryde

“I’m in complete shock…. The team and I were starting to understand the bike and what it means to compete at this level of the sport, so it’s a real blow.”

“Now, I’m in a very difficult situation because without a team, I obviously can’t ride the remaining races of the season. I’m really upset because I know that with the right people and infrastructure around me I can show my full potential.”

“I would really appreciate it if you could share this post as widely as possible to get the information out there as quickly as possible and to as many people as we can, time is something we don’t have the luxury of.”

Thank you once again

We feel it’s important at this point to thank everyone for their kind words and messages of support.

Since the news broke earlier this week the outpouring of emotion that’s followed has been incredible and quite humbling. In our opinion this not only reflects the popularity of Kyle but shows the incredible loyalty and devotion of not only Kyles fans but everyone in the wider motorcycle community.

Our fans, supporters and sponsors make all the effort worthwhile, thank you, one and all.



Kyle imopla signing