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Kyle Ryde #77 back on track


After a serious Team discussion and the decision taken, Kyle hung his helmet and boots up after the fourth round of the Superbikes at Snetterton.  This decision wasn’t taken lightly by Kyle the Team and his parents, a lot of hard years of serious racing from a very young age, had all of a sudden come to an end and were a shock to many!

But the good news is! He’s ‘Back on Track’ and most people who know Kyle & his family knew that it would only be a matter of time before this very talented youngster would again be scraping his knees around the race circuits of the UK, the race media talk about all the other young talent out there with hopes for GP WSB etc, but don’t be fooled Kyle has come back with more passion than what he had in both the WSS & the Superbike class together, so let’s hope that Kyle can re-generate that wining talent that he has always had and show all the media pundits that he really is a force to be reckoned with and join the list of good young British talent worthy of any rides that may be on offer.

GP2 Class

Kyle is now back in the class that perhaps suits him best for the time being and this is the much contested ‘Supersport’ class, the very class that he came second in; to Luke Stapleford back in 2015, with some unforgettable battles.  Surprisingly though this time he is not on a normal ‘Supersport’ bike but a fully fledged ‘Moto 2’ machine, not dissimilar to the one’s used in the Moto GP circus, Kyle’s bike is a Kalex framed bike using a Honda engine, these machines are; due to the MSVR regulations; around 10-15bhp down on the ‘Supersport’ bikes, at around 125Bhp but also they are allowed to use Slick tyres on them. However with them having their own designer frames they are much lighter and obviously can turn quicker, they are just sometimes slower out of the corners, but once on the straights they really do go quick!

Kyle’s first race outing on this latest machine is took part last weekend 21st July at the old International circuit of Brands Hatch, just over the Dartford crossing in Kent, this entails a day of free practise on the Friday, followed by the Qualifying session and a sprint race on the Saturday, the full blown feature race is on the Sunday afternoon.

Free Practise session

Kyle had only had a test day on this loaned Moto 2 machine at Silverstone, prior to hitching up the caravan and going down to Brands to gave some fun and race it, so it’s still very new to him and the Team, which incidentally is being run by his father Sean out the back of a van and a pop up awning.  Dad and Lad racing did all the work themselves with a little advise and guidance gratefully received at this moment in time from Kyle’s old Championship Team owner of Ryan Saxelby.

Kyle’s first free practise session on the Friday saw a dry track and wasn’t long before he was back up there within the top three riders out there and eventually finished the session in 7th place on the leader board, being the top Moto 2 rider out of a field of six machines. They opted out like half the field did to not go out in the afternoon in the wet conditions.


The next time Kyle was out was in the Qualifying session on the Saturday morning and with sunny & dry track conditions, this was an ideal opportunity to show just what he can do with this Moto 2 machine, keen and eager as ever he was the second rider to appear on track for this 30 minute session.  With 17 minutes of this Qualifying session to go Kyle pitted and when he came out at the ten minute stage, he was lying in 6th place between Rispoli & Josh Owens as the minutes ticked by though the riders upped their pace and this in turn knocked Kyle back down the leaderboard into 13th place on the grid, with one lap remaining available on the timings, Kyle pulled out all the stops and avoiding all the traffic he found a quick lap of 1.28.421 minute to finish 4th on the grid 0.336 off the pole setter & second place man in this Championship; Ben Currie on the Gearlink ‘Supersport’ bike.    

Saturdays Sprint Race

Saturdays 12 lap sprint race was late in the day, so was a little cooler for this pack of Hyped up adrenalin racers!  Kyle had to bump start his bike on the grid as no starters are fitted to the Moto 2 bikes, unlike the Supersport machines. So as the red lights changed Kyle set off down Paddock Hill bend in his first ever Moto 2 race of his career, and managed a good start to place him in a strong 4th position on the opening lap of the full International circuit. After the first lap Currie took the lead with Allingham, Twyman, Perrie and then Kyle now in 5th, followed by Rispoli and then Owens on the RS machine.  This pack at the front started to break from the remaining riders and the running order didn’t change too much, with Perrin & Twyman changing places a couple of times and Owen getting the better of Rispoli and at one point actually challenging Kyle!  By the penultimate lap of this 12 lap race Kyle was in a strong 5th place still, but unfortunately the race was stopped as RS Team rider Dutchman ‘Boer boom’ crashed heavily and the standings were made final.

However; Kyle was awarded the top GP2 honours and so he did manage to be on the Podium along with the other three Supersport winners, something that is helping to restore his confidence in racing.                         Sundays Warm-Up & Feature Race

Well today is Kyle’s 21st Birthday and there’s no better way to celebrate than to go out in the warm-up session and set the quickest times , this is just what Kyle did! So let’s hope that this is just a peep at what’s to come later in today’s race.

With roughly fifty thousand spectators at this very warm & sunny meeting Kyle was going to try is best to impress!! So when the Red lights went out he got a good start and was third going up towards Druids and as they came through on the very first lap it was Currie leading with Allingham, then Kyle, Twyman, Wilford and the next Moto2 bike of Owens. On lap 4 Kyle was having problems with his front tyre but he managed to work around it to get the best he could out of it. By lap 5 of this 18 lap race; the front three bikes had gained a slight advantage on the rest of the pack behind and Kyle was now up into second place, passing Allingham on the EHA Racing Yamaha Supersport bike, but Josh Owens wasn’t far behind either by now.  On lap 10 Owen had passed Allingham on the run up to the start line to take 3rd place in this race train and this train was gaining more momentum on the rest of the pack, with Currie opening a substantial lead.  Having to tackle more back markers; Kyle had to try and stay focused, as one wrong move and Owens would have been right on him, putting his second place in jeopardy.  However; Kyle stayed calm and collective and managed to stave off any challenge from Josh and as the race went into the penultimate lap Currie put his arm in the air, indicating to other riders that he had a problem, Kyle saw this and turned the wick up, as he could see an ideal opportunity to make history and bring home the first ever win for himself and a Moto 2 bike in the British Supersport Championship.

So with the last lap looming and Owens all over the back of his machine, Kyle managed to bring his new steed home to the chequered flag, to assure himself  and all of his fans & followers that he can still ride a motorcycle and still win races, when everything comes together.   GET IN!!!! Quote of the day from Kyle’s father.


Kyle would like to thank ALL of his sponsors who believed in him and who stuck by him through the bumpy rollercoaster Ryde called racing!

(see sponsorship page on website for all details of the fabulous sponsors)

Thank you to family, friends, supporters, fans, everyone who is a part of TEAM#77, you know who you are.

We are now trying our utmost to be back racing again at Thruxton in two weeks time, we will keep you posted.

Kyle Ryde Racing#77