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Round 12 season finale Brands Hatch

The Final Round of the 2018 Season

Kyle has been taking part in the very final round of the 2018 British Supersport  600cc Motorcycle Championship which has taken place at the International race circuit of Brands Hatch in Kent.  Kyle is following on this weekend’s racing from an excellent performance at the local ‘Stars at Darley’ meeting last weekend.  Were he was provided with a Triumph 675 machine from local Businessman Craig Milner, who himself has spent many years racing both motorcycles & cars very successfully.  Kyle and his father Sean have been embraced for the last three rounds of the British Championship by the Halsall Racing Team and their Manager Colin Wright.  However; with having such a good outing at Darleymoor last weekend and having a good feeling from the bike, Kyle & Sean decided to take Craig’s offer of his bike again; to use for the final round of the season and were looking to end this on a swansong!


.  (Free Practise sessions & Qualifying)

    Kyle’s Friday’s  free  practise sessions got off to a good start and by the end of the first session he was in a good healthy 8th place in between Estment & Owens. But with a few changes for the afternoon session Kyle was down in 11th place, with obvious things to look at for the qualifying session on Saturday morning.   Saturday’s half hour Qualifying session came and by the end of this session Kyle was pretty much in the same ‘Ball Park’ as he had been in the last FP, finishing this session in 12th place on the grid for the late afternoon sprint race.


   (Saturdays Sprint Race)

   Kyle would have to make the best of his 12th place on the grid, but this was never going to be easy in this fired up race for the end of season battle for the Championship.

As the pack hurtled off towards Paddock Hill bend, Kyle was in the middle of the pack and by the end of the first lap he had lost a place and was in13th  sandwiched between Truelove & Kerr . By lap three Kyle had moved up to ninth still behind Truelove but with Tom Oliver now in hot pursuit. Lap four of this ten lap sprint race saw the Red flag come out,  as a couple of fallers ‘Van der Valk & Patterson’ were being attended to by the medical team. The re-start  saw a fired up ‘Currie’ jump the start  and with a ride through penalty  imposed by the Officials, this now pretty much ruled him out of the Championship win, Kyle meanwhile was again mid-field and on lap one of this now a eight lap race, was down in 10th position. Two laps further on and with Owens crashing out in front of him Kyle was back down in 12th again in between is earlier rivals Oliver & Truelove. With the two main race leaders Kennedy & Seeley dominating the race at the front Kyle had to settle for a midfield finish with his position only moving up by one place to 11th on lap 5.  Kyle took the chequered flag in 11th place behind Tom Oliver in 10th and in front of Tommy Philp in 12th. Kennedy took the  Sprint race win form Seeley to clinch the 2018 from Ben Currie.

Kyle is looking for improvements to his position in tomorrow’s Warm up and main feature race.


(Sundays Warm-up & Feature Race)

After yesterday’s excellent race conditions and a high of 22º C, Storm ‘Callum’ finally hit the South East corner; this was after battering Wales and then smashing its way across the UK.   So the early morning warm-up sessions were performed in a damp & humid climate, with the odd drying racing lines showing through.

 Kyle as always; was one of the first out of the pit-lane and was soon up at the front with Kennedy, Seeley & Westmoreland and after the eight minute session he was lying 9th fastest for the final day of racing.

As the day went on, so did the worst of the storm and by the time of Kyle’s mid-afternoon race, it was to be declared well & truly; a wet race as the rain just kept coming.  With all the riders & machines lined up on the grid; the red lights went out and the pack water boarded towards Paddock Hill bend and then floated towards Druids, this was a seriously wet track!   After the first lap Kyle was holding a steady position in 13th place, but by lap two he had dropped a place and it was then becoming apparent that something was amiss, by lap three he was dropping well down the leader board and as he pulled around Clark Curve for the 3rd time he pulled his machine into the paddock pitlane and retired, Kyle had a visor problem and with the very wet conditions, his vision just became worse & worse, with the condensation and moisture building up inside his helmet, to the stage where it was becoming too dangerous to race, so that’s why Kyle made the decision to pull in and retire from the day’s events.


 As we all know; Kyle will already be looking on the positive side for next season, so on this note: Kyle; along with his parents Sean & Janine, would like to thank his entire sponsors for this season of 2018, as without them he would not have been out there racing and he hopes that next year brings him a much improved season on whatever machine he may be riding.

We have been asked a lot what we Kyle is doing next year and unfortunatley we do not have anything in place as yet and are trying to get something sorted for 2019.