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Round 2 – Thailands Chang international Circuit FP1 – FP2

Round 2 - Thailands Chang international Circuit FP1 + FP2

With only ten days rest after the debut ride in Australia, we find ourselves in the scorching heat of the Chang International Race Circuit, Thailand.

Hampered but undeterred

Here the aim, considering Kyles injuries from the previous round and considering that he doesn’t know this track, was to stay in touch with the first fifteen riders at the end of the first day, and so it was.  The Chang circuit is a more conventional track than the one we were faced with in Australia but what surprised us most is the small time difference from the leader to Kyle of just 1.1 seconds.

Testing conditions

Some areas of the Chang circuit have recently been resurfaced so it was important to be careful in those areas, especially in the first session but despite having spent much of the first and second session evaluating grip and tyre behaviour in the searing heat, we are pleased with our overall position at the end of the first practice sessions.

Analysing the data we collected in testing, we are confident that tomorrows 3rd practice will be a real opportunity to show the progress we have made in bike set up and race preparation, hopefully, we can make a significant jump up the leader board.

The aim tomorrow is to focus on further improving our time and gaining a place in Saturdays Superpole 2 race.


“I was anxious to get on the bike to test for any reaction to the injuries from the crash at Phillip Island, I’m still a bit sore but everything seems to be holding together”

Kyle added,

“We did a great job on the first day here and I feel the bike gradually improving. I’m starting to understand the various parts of the track and how to get the best from the bike in these conditions. We’re all very confident that tomorrow, when the pressures on in the final session you’ll see a significant improvement over Fridays lap times”

Round 2 - Thailands Chang international Circuit FP1 + FP2