Just a few days ago we were sat here wondering if Kyle would even race at Donington Park this season…….. Now, thanks to Schmidt Racing, he definitely will.

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park

It all seems so long ago doesn’t it? Getting excited about team Ranieri Meds home race at Imola, expecting a great performance from Kyle and then bang! Out of the blue came the news that Team Ranieri Med had called time on their brief run in WSS and Kyle had to find another team, mid season. To say that was a crushing blow is something of an understatement, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved the almost impossible task of finding Kyle a new seat for the remainder of the World Supersport season has been resolved.


A big thank you also has to go to Dorna Sports for allowing Kyle the time he needed to find a new team, it would of been very easy for them to install a new team in Team Ranieri Meds place as there were other teams waiting in the wings to fill the vacant spot but it’s credit to them and they’re understanding of the situation that enabled this positive outcome for Kyle.



Massive thanks also have to go out to Schmidt Racing for offering Kyle the chance to ride their MV, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be going to Donington to watch Kyle at all this year! So were truly grateful to Schmidt racing and Team manager Robert Balogh for coming to the rescue!  In the end it all came down to everyone’s desire to keep Kyle in the World Supersport Championship and we feel very fortunate to be so well cared for by everyone involved.

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park

Looking forward

Donington park is a track very much favoured by Kyle and there’s surely no better place to kick off Kyles association with the Schmidt Racing team! To be able to welcome Schmidt Racing to Donington park for the first race of Kyles time with them is a real honour and will hopefully help to forge a long and successful partnership with the team. We also look forward to checking out Kyles new team mate, Nico Terol, a fantastic rider and champion in his own right and hopefully someone Kyle can quickly learn from before going out on the new bike. Unfortunately Kyle never had the luxury of being able to work with a team mate at Ranieri Med so this should help him with the transition to the new team.

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park
Nico Terol

We’ve had some fantastic moments and seen some incredible results for Kyle down the years at Donington Park (we’re also very privileged to have Donington Park as a sponsor) but we have to stay realistic and remember that Kyle hasn’t rode the MV at all prior to the race and even though Kyle knows the track extremely well not having rode the bike is going to be a big handicap. Knowing Kyle though, he wont want to disappoint his army of loyal supporters this weekend

Wet again this weekend?

Not a bit of it! It’s highly ironic that as WSBK rolls into the UK, this looks like it will be the first completely dry weekend of the Championship! We’ve been to Thailand, Spain and Even Australia and it’s rained at them all but it looks like the weather in good old Blighty is going to hold out for us so we’re in for a fabulous weekends racing. If you don’t have a ticket yet you’ll have to pay on the door as advanced tickets are no longer available online but tickets are going to be available at the gate on the day, according to the WSBK website

With maximum temperatures of 19 Celsius it should be pleasant enough for you to wear your new Kyle Ryde Clothing so hopefully we’ll see plenty of you down there to hand over you’re orders 🙂

Donington weather
Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park

Don’t miss any of the action

It looks as though eurosport aren’t doing a live programme from Donington this weekend but you can catch all the action on Quest, check out the times below. Unfortunately we can’t find any information on TV listings for Fridays events so if you want to catch the action on Friday you’ll have to buy a ticket!

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park


If, on the other you are planning on going down to Donington over the weekend, we’ve added this handy little infographic courtesy of the Donington Park website showing you where everything is, if you’ve not been there before.

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park

Race Times

Schmidt Racing and Kyle Ryde head for Donington Park
This Weekends Race Times


If you or your company wishes to Sponsor Kyle and help towards the costs of this years racing, your help would be very much appreciated.

We always do our best to fly the flag for our sponsors and promote their services to our army of loyal fans, who incidentally, have also generously given their own resources to help Kyle continue on his motorcycling journey. If you would like to help just click this link or contact Sean, Janine or Kyle on:-

01773 689014 or email kyle.ryde@ntlworld.com

We love and appreciate you all, from the guys who work long and hard to contribute to #TEAM77 right up to the big companies who we couldn’t do any of this without

Thank you everyone.