Sponsor Kyle in 2018

Racing at any level in motorcycling is a very costly experience, and Kyle could never do this alone. If it was not for the generous nature of Kyle’s sponsors, he wouldn’t be out there. Thanks to these people, Kyle can now be assured of a competitive 2018 racing season, and to all those people who follow Kyle’s progress, please be sure to visit his sponsors web pages by clicking on the links below.

Sponsoring is a very effective and cost efficient way of advertising for a company as advertising is virtually tax refundable. Sponsors can benefit by having their company name advertised and promoted at many UK NATIONAL race events, and track days throughout the year. Sponsoring a rider can also be useful for corporate entertainment. What could be better than to take along some prospective clients to a race meeting to watch your rider race, you would be quite surprised who is into bike racing. Even employees within a company can have a good day out to watch the company rider race.

Sponsorship can be in the form of; financial funding, supplying of equipment, parts, tools, fuel etc or items offered at a reduced cost. No matter how big or small, every little helps in racing. Sponsorship also enables riders to become more competitive, and will therefore have better results, and that means more media coverage too.

Kyle would like to thank all his current sponsors, and hope that 2018 is another season of great success.