Technical problems stop Terol and Ryde in WSS at Misano

The eighth round of the FIM Supersport World Championship got underway today at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy

Technical problems stop Terol and Ryde in WSS at Misano

In hot and sunny conditions. Nico Terol and Kyle Ryde, the two riders with the Schmidt Racing Team, were out on track this morning for first practice, during which they started to build confidence with their bikes on this track.

Technical problems stop Terol and Ryde in WSS at MisanoUnfortunately, some technical problems made the work of both the team and riders very complicated. At the session’s end, Terol (1’41”457) was in twenty-fourth position while Ryde (1’42”649) suffered an engine failure which meant he completed only a few laps, finishing in thirty fourth place.

Problems continue

In the afternoon session, the unfortunate situation regarding the bikes did not improve. Terol made some improvement (1’40”508) but couldn’t do more than twenty-third place. Ryde did not even take to the track as it was not possible to repair the engine problem in time for the second session. Tomorrow both of the Schmidt Racing Team riders will take part in Superpole1.

Robert Balogh – Team Manager:

“Unfortunately I am once again unhappy with how things have gone. Since Aragon the situation has continued to get worse and I think we’re really in a difficult place. After this round, we will change bikes, because we cannot continue like this. We are unable to understand if the problem is with the engines or the components that we are supplied with, but we clearly don’t have power, the breakages continue and we are unable to express our potential or that of the riders.”

Technical problems stop Terol and Ryde in WSS at Misano

Nico Terol:

“It was a difficult day. We tried everything, but we are unable to solve the problems that prevent me from riding as I would like. The team is doing all it can but both the chassis and the engine, particularly the latter, are causing problems that we cannot solve. I’m sorry because in these conditions we can’t show what we can do. For tomorrow I hope the situation improves, so that we can prepare for Sunday’s race.”

Kyle Ryde:

“This morning in first practice the engine broke and I could only do a few laps. Unfortunately, despite their hard work, my team couldn’t prepare another engine in time so I didn’t ride at all in the afternoon. The bike will be ready for tomorrow of course, so I hope we’ll be able to do a lot better than today.”

Technical problems stop Terol and Ryde in WSS at Misano