The twelfth and final race of the Supersport world championship race of the weekend was tinged with disappointment after Kyle was hampered by another riders misfortune.

Welcome Points finish for Kyle in Qatar


In yesterday’s qualifying session, Kyle achieved eleventh position which put him on the fourth row of the grid for Sunday’s race.

Welcome Points finish for Kyle in QatarThe race got underway this on a floodlit track and over a distance of 15 laps.

Kyle made a good start but on the first lap a rider up ahead of him suffered a problem with his radiator which sprayed boiling water onto the Schmidt Racing Team rider, who was forced to slow down and then work his way back up from last position.


Kyle worked hard to carve his way back through field and closed in final fourteenth position, thus earning two championship points, despite some problems with the engine of his Kawasaki.

Welcome Points finish for Kyle in Qatar

Robert Balogh – Team Manager:

“I’m really disappointed because Kyle’s starting position was quite good, but unfortunately during the opening lap, the rider ahead of him broke his radiator and our rider was sprayed with boiling water. Of course, he lost many positions as a result, and had to work his way up from last place.

Kyle did well to climb back up to fourteenth and bring home two points, but prior to the race our expectations were higher”.

Welcome Points finish for Kyle in Qatar

Kyle Ryde:

“I got a good start, and went out around the outside, but then the water pipe of one
of the riders exploded and water was going all over my front tyre and fairing.

I was trying to tell the rider he needed to get off the track and into pits but as I tried to get back into the race I realised that there was something strange going on with the engine, it was just about impossible to ride at times so I just did what i could.

I scored a couple of points but my speed was no good so I’m not happy with the result.”

Welcome Points finish for Kyle in Qatar